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SHARP (Scottish Heart and Arterial Disease Risk Prevention) is a registered Scottish charity founded in 1988 by a group of doctors and nurses to tackle the problem of premature illness and death due to cardiovascular disease

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Cardiovascular disease is a major cause of ill-health and death in Scotland causing 15,889 or 29% of deaths in 2012.

This not only equates to a substantial loss of life, but a substantial loss of productive working years of life. In 2012 around 22,000 ‘working years’ were lost due to deaths before the age of 64 (GROS 2012)

This statistic doesn’t account for ‘working years’ lost due to ill health.

Much of this is preventable if the warning signs are picked up early and lifestyle changes made.

The efforts and resources of SHARP are directed towards both education and research.

Educational facilities are provided for health professionals to assist doctors and nurses identify those at risk and help them reduce their risk of developing these diseases.

Prevention through Education and Research

Scottish Heart and Arterial Risk disease Prevention (SHARP) is a registered Scottish heart charity (Charity No. SC005379)

Annual Scientific Meeting 19th/20th November 2015

Annual Scientific Meeting 19th/20th November 2015

“MANAGING CARDIOVASCULAR RISK” SHARP ASM – Full Programme Dunkeld House Hotel Download the programme and Delegate Invitation Pack 2015 Sharp Prize for 2015 Applications are invited for this annual award made by SHARP, the Scottish […]

Am I At Risk?

Am I At Risk?

We’re all at risk to some extent. It’s important to know your numbers, and understand how your lifestyle choices influence your long-term health. Find out how to asses your risk level and get further information on the subject

Frequently Asked Questions

Worried about cholesterol? Want to know more about the relationship between blood pressure and heart health? Here are some frequently asked questions to help you know more about heart and arterial disease

How Heart-Healthy Are You?

What influences heart health?

Whether you live a long, healthy life or not depends on many factors. Some you can’t influence (age, gender, family history) but there is a lot you can do to stay healthier longer.

What is cardiovascular disease?

The term ‘cardiovascular disease’ covers a variety of diseases of the heart and blood vessels. Read the glossary to understand commonly used terms.

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